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JCG Marketing Group, Inc. now has distributorship among this high-end bakery equipments
Tecnopool  Delfin  Aeros  Hawsheng
Oshikiri  Bertrand  Sottoriva  Rondo  Ovo Tech
Tecnopool Spiral Solution

This system can be retrofitted to existing production lines. Because of its remarkable flexibility, modifications can be made later to adopt to new or changed production requirements.

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This machine is used for cooling of bakery products in an ambient temperature and act as a buffer storage between the oven and packaging machine
Ambient Cooling Forced Air Room Cooling
• Ideal for any type of food product
• Always and only the best performance
• Less space and mass rpoduction
• Temperature lowered fast
• Absolute precision
• Maximum hygiene
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This machine is used for baking of bakery products in a spiral-shaped oven. This system blends all the characteristics that are typical in a product with an exceptional thermal yield: flexibility, reduced space and simple maintenance.
Baking Spiral Tower • Ideal baking
• Radiation baking, convection baking or both
• Temperature adjustment
maximum yield, always and no matter what
• Diathermic oil
• Less encumberance
• Maximum flexibility
• Static heat transmission system by radiation
• Fast maintenance
• Baking on conveyor belt and pan
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Deep Freezing  
This machine is used for acquiring a method that is absolutely avant-garde for treatment of packaged or bulk food products, that are conveyed on belt and deep-frozen in cabinets that have insulated walls with variable thickness
Deep Freezing Spiral Tower To obtain state of the art process for packaged or bulk food products that allow users to preserve the natural aroma, color and flavor of food products intact
• Modular rooms
• Simple to install
• Intuitive control panel
• Heat exchangers designed to custom
• Defrosting without halting production
• Ideal air flow
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This proofing machine is used for maintaining food products their natural taste and aroma
Proofing An air-conditioned sealed chamber where temperature and humidity are monitored constantly, and is programmed depending on the type of food product to process, its natural qualities and the results to achieve
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Product Handling  
This machine is used for food products that needs precise control of heating times and temperature stabilization within the specified time
Product Handling • The belt is supplied with stainless steel bars as standard however, in the event particular food products are to be conveyed and which require a different type of conveying surface, a food grade plastic or stainless steel mesh can be applied
• The stainless belt, with widths ranging from 200 and 1,300 mm, travels on self-lubricating low friction guides
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Delfin Packaging Solution
Delfin Packaging Solution
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Delfin Packaging
Aeros Aeration System
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Hawsheng Tunnel Ovens
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Oshikiri Bread Lines

Oshikiri provides you with a Fully automatic and/or Semi automatic production system for White Bread in compliance with your requirements such as production rate, number of dough pieces per baking tin, shape of the dough panning, etc.

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Bertrand Puma

Fermentolevain assets lies on consistency of quality and taste; rapid development of leaven; perfect; simple use and mixing; 100% organic process; an economical and profitable product. Controls the flavour of your bread by adjusting temperatures and having a cooling coil and heating pipe which regulates maturing and storing phases.

Bertrand Puma
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Sottoriva Dough Divider and Moulder

Sottoriva S.p.A. is a leading company in the manufacturing of machines and lines for bread and pastry.

Taking advantage of the “know how” acquired during the years, Sottoriva S.p.A. has become a point of reference in the international market and a company particularly advanced who takes care to the industrial division.

Sottoriva lines, operating worldwide, produce with excellent results both bread for hot dog, hamburger, soft buns and fancy bread and more traditional shapes such as ciabatta, rosetta, baguette etc.

Sottoriva is a trademark of declared prestige, warranty of quality of the products and services offered to all its customers.

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Rondo Dough-how & more

Dough & Bakery Equipment Manufacturers

Sheeters are designed for small size bakeries and food service kitchens, Safe and easy to handle.

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Ovo Tech Egg Breaker

Ovo Tech Manufacturer of egg breaker machines, egg centrifuges, filters for liquid egg and egg bubble washers since 2003.

Products are addressed to company from food insdustry: confectionery, bakery, pasta manufacturer. Also have clients among producers of eggs and egg liquid. Have centrifuges for fresh egg liquid, egg breakres with seperate yolk from white function, egg washer and air filter for filtering egg liquid.

Ovo Tech
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