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In 2008, the Vesmach brand was launched to consolidate all brands into one. This brand will signify the quality that JCG stands for. Now, JCG has become a solutions provider for bakeries and various industries.

As we start a new decade, we are aggressively completing our home made bakery and fully automated bakery lines in order to serve better our clients who depending on their needs require new ideas that are proven and tested throughout the world. We have also entered new industries such as small powder systems (drying, pulverizing, sifting and blending) to big powder systems. In addition,we have some meat processing, food service, noodles, liquid/native delicacies, chillers/freezers and ingredients to serve better our various client base.

As a solutions provider, we will promise to continue guaranteed successful installations and to continue serving our clients even after years of their purchase. With this in mind, we can say that we will really be your partners in growth.

Integrity is key
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