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Koyo Machinery
Donut/Cream Puff Injector MODEL:
Cream Presser

The machine is used for injecting, spreading, filling of cream puff and liquid filling instead of using a piping bag

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Power 220V, 0.4KW, 60HZ
Pump Speed 1-150rpm
Pump Discharge Rate 60-9000 cc/min
Filling Capacity 5 -9999 cc/time
Hopper Capacity 15 Liters (standard), 26 Liters & 30 Liters
Dimension L 400 x W 350 x H 580 mm
Net Weight 30 kg
• Putting on and taking off is simple with four points of the body structure of pump nozzle
• Perform such as filling and coating and injection and stop the feed material by means of a pump
• Can be set for the amount of suck back filling volume and pump speed and latency-in digital display and numeric keypad input
• Can fine-tune to match the material
• Can also use the mode for automatic operation simple
Cream Presser Injection MODEL:

It is used when injecting the cream into the cream puff, such as bread. Produces in the desired size length injection nozzle diameter. Can do work more efficiently by using a nozzle that meets the application

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Cream Presser Filling MODEL:

Other bottling filling of Iwanori and jam and a cup of ice cream filling, it is available in the cream filling of the holes in the Colonnade.

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Cream Presser Spreading MODEL:

It is used when painting flat and cream on the product. Automatic application is also available in the product flowing to the top.

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Cream Presser Hand Valve MODEL:
Hand Valve

It is used for cake decoration.

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Cream Presser Liquid Filling MODEL:
Liquid Filling

Quick quantitative filling such as sauce dressing

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