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XL Trolley Blast Chillers
Trolleys Blast Chiller
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Compact & standard range from 40 to 405 kg/cycle
This have a great refrigerating power. Single or double box, until 405 kg of products/cycle of 90 or 110 minutes, in 1 to 4 trolleys.
XL Trolley Blast Chiller Cell The Cell
• Painted and corrosion inhibitor Evaporators
• Ultra Short cycle for consideration conditioning time
• Heated electric door Leads
• Insulation (polyurethane) and Refrigerant (404 A) CFC
• Flow Fans and sealing reinforced low temperature greasing
• Fans collar to optimize power and air flow
• Grid Stainless ventilation
• Unit delivered disassembled with non soldered regulators and wired plant
• Delivery Franco France Metropolitan undischarged
• Fund modular panels hook
Cleaning & Maintenance Cleaning & Maintenance
• Refrigeration system on foot access 100% of the ground surface
• Defrost by electric heat and work forced fans, automatic stop
• Pivoting ramp ventilation cleaning and easy maintenance
• Anti-moisture sealing
• Cabinet and high keyboard remote control and switchboard
• Door hinged reinforced release ramp
System System
• Evaporation vertical tubes
• Vertical homogeneity of cooling
• Horizontal slats for an effect "air gap" on full height
• Evaporator(s) Remote(s) to limit losses charge of the ventilation
• Not suitable for fin delay taking frost
• Height evaporators adapted to the size of cell
Soil Soil: An indispensable element
CAUTION: Succession cycles (freeze-thaw) makes mandatory protection existing soil in the cell. A cell without causing soil degradation resins, the bursting of concrete and tiles.
• Standard floor consists of a series of sole 15 mm thick polyethylene covered a stainless steel 20/10 AISI 304 with edge sealing
• Mini Ramp compliance
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